Residential Solar Solutions - Alpha ESS

UPS Ability

Online Monitoring

Safe and Reliable (LFP ONLY)

Modular Design

High Compatibility


Self-Consumption Optimization

The energy storage system can help you cut down the electricity bill by storing surplus PV generation and discharging later to meet your demand of electricity.

Load Shifting

User-end: Load Shifting

Save money by avoiding peak electricity rates, storing electricity during off-peak times and discharging stored energy during peak times.

Transmission & Distribution

Peak Shaving Avoid substation and power line upgrades by providing a fast and responsive emission free solution to variable load peaks.

PVV Revenue

Ancillary Services

The combination of several flexible production and consumption units, controlled by a central intelligent system, is the core behind a VPP, which can stabilize the grid by balancing energy supply and demand.

Electricity Arbitrage

Optimize trading strategies to maximize returns. VPP can utilize the aggregated power to react to changes in electricity pricing by adapting to the existing supply of power on the grid.

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