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    Ferro Energia teamed up with the owner of the Reeds Shopping Centre in Pretoria to take his business 80% off-grid with our Hybrid Mini-Grid Solar Solution. This system can produce over 200 Kw during the day and has over 500 kWh Lithium storage to power it through the night-time energy load or any load-shedding Eskom can throw at it. Our Hybrid Mini-Grid Solar Solution charges the lithium batteries when the cost of electricity is at its absolute lowest cost and switches to the solar panels when the cost increases, ensuring you pay the lowest possible price for the energy (from the grid) you do use.

    Project High-lights

    1x Ferro Energia Mini-Grid Solar Solution
    500x 450 Ferro Energia Mono Solar Panels
    200+ Kw Daytime energy production.
    500kWh Lithium storage for night-time demand/Power outages
    80% Off-grid Shopping centre
    System payed off in 2.5 years

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