Ferro 75Kw Pump Inverter

Solar Inverter converts DC power produced by PV module into AC power required by the pump motor. A microprocessor inside inverter continuously monitors available energy levels and adjust pump speed, matching energy required to energy available. This enables the system to operate under varying solar insolation levels, and provide water throughout the day and through different seasons. The inverter untilize a high efficiency MPPT algorithm to maximize power harvested from PV module.


At the same time, the application of AC PowerPack add grid utility/DG as power supplement or backup for solar energy, could make system working 24 hours a day.


The power drawn from AC source is adjustable according to the intensity of solar energy.


IP65 3 Phase Solar Inverter / MPPT Solar Water Pump Inverter 75KW/100HP Easy Installation



2. Product features:


1. Grid utility work when sun radiation is unavailable, support system working 24 h/day;

2. Soft start controlling in rush current, to avoid motor burning;

3. Full automatic unattended operation;
4. Max. Power Point Tracking (MPPT) control algorithm of Solar Pump Inverter for optimum solar performance.
5. Complete system protection function and long lifespan.
6. IP65 design for machine, don’t need extra box.
7. 3 years warranty for solar pump inverter.
8. Remote monitoring and communication function, can control its start and stop remotely.
3.75kw solar pump inverter parameters


Max. Input DC voltage 880Vdc
Recommended MPPT voltage 460-850Vdc
Max. Input DC current 166A
Max. MPTT efficiency 98%
Number of Strings 2
Max. applicable motor output power 75kw
Rated output voltage 380-460Vac 3 phase
Output frequency range 0-50/60Hz
Rated output current 142A
Dimension(W/H/D) 654*1210*465mm
weight 190kgs
Max. efficiency 98%
Protective class I
Protection degree IP21
Environment temperature -25ºC-+50ºC above 50ºC need derate operation
Cooling method Force cooling
Display LCD
Communication interface GPRS/RS485
Altitude 3000m; above 3000m need derate operating
Noise emission <50dB
compliance EN 50178; IEC/EN 62109-1; IEC61800


4. Solar panels


Polycrystalline / Mono 100W to 330W solar panels are used in system configuration

IP65 3 Phase Solar Inverter / MPPT Solar Water Pump Inverter 75KW/100HP Easy Installation


Poly panels: 255w,260w,265w,270w,280w,285w,305w,310w,315w,320w,325w(60cells or 72cells)

Mono panels: 270w,275w,280w,285w,290w,320w,325w,330w,335w,340w(60cells or 72cells)