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Our solutions are suitable for any industry:

• mining
• commercial
• hospitals
• Residential and Retirement Estates,
• Small and Large Retail.
• EV charging stations

What is a green energy purchase agreement

It is a three-way partnership between ferro energia, our investors and yourself. We either:

1. Finance the upfront purchase and installation costs, and you repay this capital investment over a specified period of time.

2. We finance, maintain and repair your dedicated system over the lifetime of the agreement, and you only pay for the electricity that you or your tenants use.

Why choose a green energy purchase agreement

No upfront investment:
we cover the initial setup costs of your solar system, so that you can keep your capital in your business.

No insurance or maintenance costs:
we maintain your system for the lifetime of the contract. Repairs or replacement of any faulty or broken equipment will be done at no cost to you.

Large savings on electricity costs:
you only pay for the electricity that you use at a significantly lower rate than the national grid.
Clean, sustainable energy:
reduce your carbon footprint and gain a competitive advantage in the market, through environmentally friendly renewable energy.

What are the qualifying criteria for a green energy purchase agreement
• do you own the property?
• do you pay more than r200 000 per month on electricity costs?
• do you want to bring down your electricity costs and say goodbye to load shedding?

If you answered yes to these questions, then ferro energia is the company for you. We will assess your property and energy requirements And work with you to develop a solution that makes sense for you and your business.