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How it all works

Why choose Ferro Energia

Get a mini-grid system installed (Finance Option) or Get your building evaluated for our Green Energy partnership program (We Provide your energy).

Benefits of a Green Energy Purchase Agreement

No Capital Investment Required

There is no Capital Investment required for audit or the installation of your solar system

Insured & Maintained At No Cost To You

Your system will be maintained for the lifetime of the agreement, any faulty or broken equipment will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you

Significant Savings on Your Electricity

You will only pay for the electricity you consume, which can be up to 35% less than the normal tariff

Clean Sustainable Energy

Your system will provide you with environmentally friendly energy. Reducing your carbon footprint and providing an opportunity to set yourself apart in the market

A Green Energy Purchase Agreement is signed between you,Ferro Energia and our Investors, giving you a solar mini-grid solution without the upfront cost of buying the solar system. Working on a rental options, the ownership, management and maintenance remain the property and responsibility of Ferro Energia and ourinvestors for the duration of the agreement. You only pay for the energy your business or tenants use.

Do you qualify for our Green Energy Partnership (GEP)?

Do you pay more than 200K+ on your current electricity bill?

Do you own the property you want to install solar on?

Do you want to save on your bill & say goodbye to load-shedding?

If you answered these question with a yes, you have come to the right place! Ferro Energia will asses your property and energy requirements and if you need our needs we can either finance your mini-grid system or  we can pay for the install and you just pay for the energy you use, absolutely no extra cost or lump sum of money needed.

Off Grid Solar Plant

Mini Grid System

Get in Touch to Get Started

    Ferro Energia is in partner with a reputable finance company that will walk you through the process of financing your complete solar system, A professional solar adviser will call you back and help you determine which system is right for you and at an affordable price you can pay back monthly, that suits your needs. There no reason to wait, let us take you into the sustainable energy future.