The Reeds Shopping Centre – Mini-Grid

Take a tour of the Reeds Shopping Centre solar solution by Ferro Energia – Commercial and Agricultural solar projects.

Ferro Energia installed 500 units of 450 watt mono-crystalline solar panels on a custom built structure above the roof of the shopping centre, these solar panels power the building during the peak cost of grid electricity while also sending power to charge the lithium batteries simultaneously charging them, Once the sun sets the lithium storage kicks in to power the shopping centre through the second peak charge of electricity in the evening when everyone is arriving home and using the most power. This way of consuming the grid electricity saves the business thousands of rands a month in demand charges which help off-set the cost of the system and help pay-off the solar solution fasters saving you money.

Off Grid Solar Plant

Mini Grid System


Finance a Mini-Grid System?

Ferro Energia is in partner with a reputable finance company that will walk you through the process of financing your complete solar system, A professional solar adviser will call you back and help you determine which system is right for you and at an affordable price you can pay back monthly, that suits your needs. There no reason to wait, let us take you into the sustainable energy future.

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    Do you pay more than 50K+ on your current electricity bill?

    Do you own the property you want to install solar on?

    Do you want to save on your bill & say goodbye to load-shedding?

    If you answered these question with a yes, you have come to the right place! Ferro Energia will asses your property and energy requirements and if you need our needs we can either finance your mini-grid system or  we can pay for the install and you just pay for the energy you use, absolutely no extra cost or lump sum of money needed.

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